About Us


Name: Grahita Adhyatmaka Djatnika

Nick: Reggie

DOB: 21st of January, 1989

Blood Type: A

Currently watched anime: Too many, ask me…

Currently played games : wii games



  1. What should I name your blog if I were to add you on my blogroll?

  2. hmmm, maybe “a lost otaku who love miku” LOL

  3. Wawawaaa…..Hajimemashite…^^

  4. hi..hi,
    salam kenal..
    ternyata penggemar anime juga.

  5. helow…

    selalu apdet itu megurine luka ye bos? ^_^

    • i rarely give galleries because i rarely searching for pics. and please put your comment in the right post

  6. give me the miku in my webside

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