Posted by: reggie21 | March 21, 2011

Nusantara Online Review

I know this is an old game and I think that it never got released. I’m doing this for fun and for my friend.

the game is called Nusantara Online. it’s an MMORPG based on Indonesian history. i believe that the settings are in majapahit era (if I’m not mistaken, it’s been a long time since I’ve played this game). I personally think that setting is perfect for an Indonesian-developed game

the gameplay is basic MMORPG: do quests, hunt monsters, level up, etc. i have several problems on the game. first of all is the tutorial. the tutorial doesn’t really teach me anything. i don’t know if it’s because still in close beta or other thing. the tutorial suggested me go to a NPC to take on a quest and get some item. when i arrived at the place, the designated NPC is nowhere to be found. this leave me confused. i can’t  get onto to the next tutorial or get equipment and money. what made me frustrated is that there are other NPCs that i can talked to. but those NPCs are unrelated to the quest.

other thing that bugged me are the animations. the animations of the character with the movement speed are not synchronized. and the movement is pretty fast for a running speed. it’s like the character is always sprinting. I believe that almost all animations of the character have problem. when the character jump, the animation are late. the animation played when you already mid-air. the worst is when strafing. there are no animation at all. the character just stand still. there are also a problem when attacking enemy. beside the late animation. i think that there are no floating number (the damage dealt and received). for me, that thing is important.

in the beginning, you spawn on forest-like place. there are many trees and also a building like Candi. one thing I like is when I get into the designated place for the first quest. i thought it’s gonna be big city like other MMORPG. instead it’s a small village. there are gubuk and rumah panggung.  because i haven’t gotten far in this game, the only areas I’ve been is forest and lake. haven’t reached city-like place.

the music in this game is very Sundanese in my opinion. maybe it’s because the developer from Bandung. sound effect is pretty normal, nothing special.

bottom line:

i think that this game is pretty good for an Indonesian-developed game, but there are many flaws here and there. I thought this game can replace my hype for Inspirit Arena, a game that never come out. but it cannot. the game also need a pretty high spec, I don’t think that’s good thing. many MMORPG in Indonesia can be played with low spec pc. with a high spec and not too appealing, it’s hard to compete with other MMORPG.


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