Posted by: reggie21 | November 1, 2009


It’s been a while, so I’m busy with my otaku student life. so many assignments and projects. Well actually there’s some time to update my blog, but I’m too lazy kinda busy.

courtesy of wikipedia

So i just played monster hunter 3 (tri-) on wii. I know it’s kinda old game. I want to try the english patch made by someone. I’m sorry I cannot post some screenshot because I don’t have the way to capture it from wii. So basically he/she/they only made the translation for basic interface that are needed to play the game such as: items, monsters, confirmations, quests.

I wanted to play Monster Hunter since ancient times. But i don’t know why that it doesn’t interest me to go on (Maybe because in MH1, you need to go online to enjoy it fully. It’s impossible from where I live). And recently i saw my friends playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite on the PSP. It seems fun and I began to patch my MH3 and begin playing. at first it’s kinda boring, you just gather some items for the quests. But later on you’ll hunt big monsters, that’s where the fun of the game.

My first encounter with the boss (big monsters) is with Lagiacrus:

how Lagiacrus looks

Guess what, I met with it at quest lv.1. Can you believe it? A hunter with no experience and bad equipment have to face it. The quest said to deliver 3 monster livers. At first i thought that i’ll get that from Lagiacrus. i tried to beat him (so stupid) and KO’d all the time.

New Type: Leviathan

After several times, I gave up. Then I began to look for other monsters on that area. Kill it, scavenge for items.. and I got monster liver. So Lagiacrus appeared in there just to annoy me with its poweful attack.

How I Feel

This is my first time playing Monster Hunter seriously. I’m kinda sad since all monsters in MH3 are new, only 3 from the old series. Kirin is not one of them (i wanted to try using Kirin armor. i’m using female character). Anyway, Monster Hunter is great game, especially if you play it online.


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  1. hahahaha… happens to me as well…and sometimes there’s a quest more annoying than that on monhun..well, i haven’t played the monhun tri~, and i do want to play it!!!!

    • you still have the ISO? now you already bought and SD card maybe you can try to patch the game yourself. the ISO is till on my 160 gig HDD

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