Posted by: reggie21 | April 5, 2009

東方交紙争 ~Terrestrial Card Gambit~

Character Card - Hakurei Reimu

Character Card - Hakurei Reimu

This semester i have a mid-term project to make a board game or card game. my group decided to make a Touhou Trading Card Game titled above. i’m thinking to make this game to be mass produced but now i have the problem to start the project: i don’t have the budget.

can anyone help me? you can help me by telling how to get the budget. i will post the detail of my mid-term project later if anyone interested to help me. (for now, i think it will be for indonesia area only)



  1. 1st of all, gimme the card XD

  2. Record the game mechanic…pls.. :))

  3. @sherly: your logic is so broken

    @valentinos: i already record it, don’t have the time to edit it

  4. Arisu card pleaseee~~~ xD

  5. how many time i have said it. all the cards are private property. you can wait for the mass produced version. the system will be change

  6. i see that you know onikirimaru 😀

    well the thing is not many otaku in indonesia know about touhou, so it’s hard to find sponsor. either you work and save some money or have someone really rich to pay you but as you know, you have to give him some proposal.

    (well it’s a bit late to give advice, cause i just found this wordpress today:P)

  7. I’ll give you a hand(but only w/rules and game systems)

  8. @torikorino: well, i use touhou because of my friend. and this is for my assignment. if i want to find a sponsor, i don’t know who i need to ask to sponsor it.. my plan for right now is just save some money (and yet there’s no money in my account)

    @kage: what i need help is the budget and the production, maybe also the design, if i want to mass produce it, i prefer to be original series

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