Posted by: reggie21 | February 20, 2009

How Election Goes in Indonesia

PKS is ruining their own image…

Clone abusing ninja Naruto has been spotted lending his support to Indonesia’s Prosperous Justice Party, or Partai Keadilan Sejahtera, an Islamist party supporting such backwards medievalist policies as bans on pornography, in what we can only consider as an episode which could damage his chances of becoming Hokage.

The party in question supports legislation such as the laughably titled “Bill Against Pornography and Pornoaction“, a bill which sought to ban such insidious evils as public kissing, bikinis and navel exposure (”pornoaction”), and of course pornography. The party itself claims it is against the imposition of Sharia codes, although it is doubtful anyone believes them.

In fact, a vague but complete ban on pornography was passed in 2008, with downloading lewd materials in Indonesia now carrying a possible 4 year sentence; a “sexually suggestive performance” can attract a 12-year sentence. Naturally, freedom loving Islamists were behind this.

It is not clear whether the image in question is an authorised use of Naruto’s likeness; it seems overwhelmingly unlikely to be the case. It also seems unlikely that Naruto presents a good match with the party’s unstated objectives of rendering the masses obedient slaves of God.

Thanks to Linkinstreet on the forums for exposing this.

To my knowledge no Japanese politician has ever actually secured a high profile endorsement from an actual manga or anime; even Rozen Aso is circumspect in this area…

taken from sankaku complex



  1. Unlimited LOLWUT Works

  2. mantap coyyy!!


    Never See Something Like That >.>
    Kesalahan Fatal nya = kenapa harus gambar Naruto? Coba pake Gambar Akiha, Pasti sayah Dukung ~

    • what i have seen:
      David Beckham
      forgot who else

      my friend said that there are other party that use naruto too

  4. This. Is. Indonesiaaaa.

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