Posted by: reggie21 | January 17, 2009

Wii Games Wishlist (My version) #1

this is some games for wii that i really wanted. i hope that when it’s released in US, the publisher (XSEED games) will make a language selection feature. Or that someone will make undub version of it.

Oboro Muramasa Yôtôden

Arc Rise Fantasia

Monster Hunter Tri


will search for more videos in youtube cuz i need to eat right now…



  1. Except Monster Hunter series
    I want them all!

  2. wwwww, i always wondered how it feel to play monster hunter online. because this game is a hit in japan

  3. ok. . .
    i vote for monster hunter tri, fragile and arc rise fantasia. .. .

    that’s all :3

  4. i just got fragile today.. but still long way to go to own wii.. suck to be me? :3

    anyway.. fragile is a homo-ge (this is serious,i even has the proof for it xD)

  5. show me the proof. is it as gay as code geass R2?

  6. nope,just like shota x shota xD (my fave duh..)

    quite nice scenario isn’t it? :3
    */me lol’d when he say.. ‘i read it on the book so i think its okay’* (something like that.. well my japanese isn’t that good)

    and look at MC reaction xD its funny..

  7. where do you get game? you buy it or download it?

  8. download it ofc..
    its not even released yet in indonesia (duh..)

    i get the torrents from mininova just search it there xD

  9. wwwwww, i forgot about mininova. at first i search it at play-skill but i can’t download the torrent because of my shared ratio. still have several games that i haven’t download (sky crawlers, klonoa, rune factory) my download queue is very loooong

  10. dont download klonoa from TMD release,better wait for caravan release..
    TMD release fail when u running em on wii system.
    *i tried that on friend wii and hes got a greenscreen.. cannot boot etc…*

    and about rune factory frontier,just buy it in any local store that sell wii games :3

  11. hoo, but i have no problem with my taiko no tatsujin (TMD too). and klonoa is still in the middle of my download queue (176 files). if caravan release it, then i’ll download it. maybe tomorrow i will go to check rune factory and several new games

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