Posted by: reggie21 | December 10, 2008

Touhou Anime Project

some people already posted about this in their blogs, so i’m decided to put it in here too

Touhou Anime Project

Doujin Circle Maikaze finally announced about touhou anime project. they will be selling the DVD of the first episode as Limited Edition Box. the price is ¥2,800, and including an OST CD, a collection of pictures, postcards, etc. it will be released at C75 (COmiket 75)

what strike me most is the list of the seiyuus:

Mai Nakahara: Reimu Hakurei
Miyuki Sawashiro: Marisa Kirisame
Ayumi Fujimura: Aya Shameimaru
Mikako Takahashi: Patchouli Knowledge
Rie Tanaka: Sakuya Izayoi
Ayumi Tsuji: Remilia Scarlet
Aki Toyosaki: Suika Ibuki
Kikuko Inoue: Narration

i wonder if Maikaze paid full price to the seiyuu, reminded me of Million Knights Vermillion. a doujin game with lot of famous seiyuus

source: ANN and Sankaku Complex



  1. hmmm. . . . looking at seiyuu rooster . . .

    so promising. . . . . lets wait then. . .:D

  2. its not promising at all..
    its fcuked up..

    the hell.. marisa is voiced by miyuki sawashiro..
    and reimu got mai nakahara?

  3. why did you say that?
    i mean if it’s fcuked up i don’t really care since it’s made by doujin circle. it will be different if they made by some big studio

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