Posted by: reggie21 | November 5, 2008

Ronery Guy

well, actually i’m not too Ronery. it’s just me having fun

Ronery Guy



  1. kurang!

    masih kurang!!

    masih kalah ama oni~chan!!! xD xD

  2. the one with oni-chan is candid, while mine is prepared. so the expression is not too good. and while i packed up the nendoroid i got panicked, cuz the negi is missing. i thought that it lost, but when i got home i saw it on the floor

  3. yappari… maybe if candid, the result will be good as sexcelence photo… lol

  4. who is that?;;^^a

  5. So ronery ;)) To ronery I think =))

  6. not Pervert enough like onii-chan ROFLMAO XD

  7. at least i tried, why don’t you try it?

  8. since I eat in front of my monitor and there are at least 5 PVC there.. I do it everyday. Am I a ronery girl? lmao.

  9. wwwwww, that’s not my room, that’s a food court. i can that everyday in my room

  10. I didn’t know u had a hair cut ^^;;;

    last time I saw u was in GAX on the street vid

  11. wwwww, somebody still remember that video

    okay, i’m gonna put that video

  12. well…it’s the only footage that shows you LOL so yeah…that’s the only documentation I remembered….and I don’t remember any pics of yourself in VGI

  13. i don’t have many of my pics

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