Posted by: reggie21 | June 19, 2008

New Haruhi Wii Scan

should i get the game for the figure……

original text:

page scan from my magazine.

I ripped up my Newtype magazine july issue to share the info with fellow members here.
Seem to have variable Wii haruhi that come with the Wii game.  think it is selling separate or standalone....or something, not too sure as i dont know how to read japanese.

Anybody can translate???? Thanks alot.
Danny previous Wii post here

Seem you can have more fun with this Wii haruhi but cost wise......

Anybody geting????

via Dannychoo



  1. WOW! Cool! I wonder when the game will be released… also, I wouldn’t mind if someone give me that figure 😀 . It’s good afterall.

  2. It comes out November, according to the website, but i think it says here July 10th.

  3. wow, nice figure, too bad I don’t have any Wii…

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