Posted by: reggie21 | June 11, 2008

Parents of Tomohiro Kato Say Sorry

The parents of the suspect behind a stabbing rampage in Tokyo that left seven people dead bowed repeatedly as they offered a heartfelt apology, with his tearful mother collapsing to the ground in grief.”We are terribly sorry for the people who lost their lives and were injured by what our son did,” said the 49-year-old father of suspect Tomohiro Kato.

“No matter how many times we apologise, we cannot apologise enough,” the father added, bowing deeply and repeatedly before television cameras in front of their house in the northern town of Aomori late Tuesday.

“I still can’t say what exactly I could do (for the victims) as my mind is a mess.”

Kato’s mother, 53, wiped tears away with a handkerchief, then collapsed on the ground.

To respect the parents’ privacy, media agreed to pixelate their faces and not give their first names.

The father, clad in a short-sleeved chequered shirt and black trousers, has previously been identified as a banker.

Media reports have said their son, who in the course of a few years went from studying at Aomori’s top high school to working at an auto parts factory, would beat his own mother as he failed to live up to her expectations.

In Japan’s deadliest crime in seven years, Kato drove a rented two-tonne truck Sunday into Tokyo’s crowded district of Akihabara, which is the hub of Japan’s comic-book and video-game subculture.

He swerved the vehicle into pedestrians, jumped out and ran into the crowds brandishing a survival knife in one hand and a smaller knife in the other. He wounded 17 people before he was overpowered by police.

Four of them died from stab wounds and three others were killed by the truck.

Kato is in custody of prosecutors, who could press charges that would lead to the death penalty.

The private Nippon Television network reported that Kato tearfully told investigators he wished “somebody could have stopped me” as he went on the stabbing spree.

He was reportedly carrying five knives when he went on the rampage.

Kato kept a chilling account of his journey to Akihabara by posting online messages from his mobile telephone from behind the wheel of his truck.

He earlier posted hundreds of messages revealing his anger and loneliness as he failed to find friends or a girlfriend.

On the eve of the rampage, Kato wrote over the Internet “I had been forced to play the good boy since I was little,” according to the tabloid Sports Nippon.

He said his parents would sometimes complete his homework for him.

“I was perfect in my studies as I got prizes for what a parent wrote or drew,” he reportedly wrote.

“As they wanted to brag about me to other people, they would finish everything up to make me look perfect.”

The crime has shocked Japan, which has one of the world’s lowest crime rates.

The government has said it is considering tightening regulations on knives, but has taken no decision. Japan strictly controls firearm possession.

“We have learned there are so many kinds of knives available,” chief government spokesman Nobutaka Machimura said.

He said the government hoped to arrange a ministerial-level meeting soon on the issue of knives.

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