Posted by: reggie21 | March 4, 2008

miku miku dance

i found a program that can make miku dance in 3D. it’s in japanese. here’s the link:

you can find video of it in youtube or nicovideo



  1. Do you know how to get accessories?

    • i got some, but i forget where i get it.. sorry
      i saw a video in niconicodouga, he/she made a PV with MMD and accessoies. and he/she gave the link, sorry.

  2. Hey can you ask some one where you can get acessories I can’t figure out how get around on the site niconicodouga………….pm me on youtube my name is ChibiMikuHatsune

  3. I uploaded the thing but it doesn’t seem to be compatable with my multi edition miku dance program

  4. which version? i’m using the newest version

  5. Im using the 3.44 version

  6. hmm, after i check it, mine is 3.22a version.
    have you put the accesory folder in userfile folder?

  7. Well I just updated mine to version 4.45 and I did put it in the accesories folder and it still wont work

  8. hmm, maybe it’s because an accessories folder inside accessories folder

  9. No theres only 1 accessories file

  10. hmm, oh yeah
    which MMD do you use? mine’s multi model edition

  11. I use the 3.45 multi-edition

  12. hmmm, i don’t have any other idea, sorry

  13. Hey I have a question do you know how to ask people for links to accessories?

  14. Also if you do find anymore links to accessories will you e-mail me the links? My e-mail is

  15. i can’t, sorry. i can’t speak japanese

  16. Same here I use a translator I got off of google but I donno how to send or ask questions on where they got the accesories since I can’t figure out how the site works.

  17. sometime i ask my friends to translate it for me

  18. Thats a good way to get things translated properly since well the good translator adds words I didn’t think would be there and it jumbles the words up >.<

  19. i don’t use any translator (except atlas for playing eroge). for websites, i use rikaichan. it’s an add-on for firefox. it gives you the hiragana of a kanji or katakana. and it gives the translation too

  20. Yeah cool I don’t have fire fox hell im lucky my computer is even still running no thanks to some stupid thing my father installed he got it frmo a computer store T_T it screwed up my brothers file deleted msn made it impossible to redownload msn and now my computer freezes and lags >.<

  21. Does the program exist in English?/ is there a language setting on the program- I’m considering downloading it but i won’t if i can’t even understand/read it

    • yes, the program exist in english, but i don’t know if it’s updated or not

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