Posted by: BlackKite | January 26, 2008

-EPIC WIN- Vocaloid for Rockman 3 audio!

Someone used Vocaloid to recreate a NES game’s entire audio: BGM and SFX! And it also happens to be Rockman 3, which has some of my most favorite Rockman / Mega Man game BGMs. Check them out on Youtube.

Part 1 – Snake Man –

Part 2 – Gemini Man & Needle Man –

Part 3 – Shadow Man & Spark Man –

Part 4 – Magnet Man –

Part 5 – Hard Man –

Note: For the first 3 parts, only Miku makes all the sounds. Starting part 4, Rin and Len come to help.

Looks like Part 6 – Top Man and future parts which will be Wily Castle stages are currently under production. I can’t wait for Top Man’s stage because I like its BGM the most in Rockman 3. ^_^

EDIT: Part 6 – Top Man just out today! Enjoy it. 😀


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